Eastern New Mexico State Fair
October 5 - 10

Come Join In the Fun!!
Parade, Enterainment, Rides and Games!

ENMSF Parade - Mon, Oct 5

Join us for the New Mexico State Fair Parade which will begin Monday morning, October 5 at 10:00 AM. View Map and Line-Up Information.

Celebrate What's Great!

The theme for the 2015 Eastern New Mexico State Fair is "Celebrate What's Great". Join us for the fun, activity, and education event of the year.

Complete Fairbook - PDF Download, 74 Pages

General Info and Schedule - PDF Download, 5 Pages

Parade Information and Schedules - PDF Download, 1 Pages

Exhibits and Concessions - PDF Download, 1 Pages

Booth Exhibits - PDF Download, 2 Pages

Farm and Garden - PDF Download, 4 Pages

Junior Livestock - PDF Download, 4 Pages

Dairy Goat - PDF Download, 1 Pages

Rabbit - PDF Download, 1 Pages

Meat Goats - PDF Download, 1 Pages

Market Swine - PDF Download, 1 Pages

Market Lambs - PDF Download, 1 Pages

Poultry - PDF Download, 1 Pages

Dairy Heifer - PDF Download, 1 Pages

Market Steers - PDF Download, 1 Pages

Ag Mechanics - PDF Download, 1 Pages

Inside Exhibits - PDF Download, 16 Pages

Arts and Crafts - PDF Download, 7 Pages

Flower Show - PDF Download, 3 Pages

Natural Fibers and Wool - PDF Download, 2 Pages

Fair Queen Information - PDF Download, 6 Pages

Saturday, October 3
Dairy Goat Show

Sunday, October 4
Queen Contests and Luncheon
Flower Show

Monday, October 5
Rabbit Show
Flower Show
Meat Goat Show

Tuesday, October 6
Special Needs Day
Market Swine Show
Flower Show
Carnival Open

Wednesday, October 7
Senior's Day
Market Lamb Show
4-H and FFA Birds Judged
Dairy Heifer Show
Parade Trophies Awarded

Thursday, October 8
Breeding Heifer Show
4-H and FFA Birds Judged
Dairy Heifer Show
Breeding Heifer Show
Steer Show
Flower Show

Friday, October 9
Childrens Day
Barn Yard Judging
Natural Fibers And Wool Lead
Chisum Challenge Ranch Rodeo

Saturday, October 10
Buyers Breakfast
Jr. Livestock Sale Begins
Chisum Challenge Ranch Rodeo